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​半澤 友美




Tomomi Hanzawa is Artist. Born 1988 in Tochigi. Lives and works in Tokyo. B.F.A., Sculpture Course, Joshibi University of art and design in 2010. Recipient of a Pola Art Foundation Grant for Overseas Study by Young Artists in 2018. She was a visiting artist and took the training in the paper studio in the SouthWest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas, and She researched about papermaking in some parts of the USA, Mexico and Canada.

In her work with paper, she considers identity and the state of the self. 

Paper always gives her an incentive. Paper is the structure of intertwined fibers. There is a fact that paper has been made in various places around the world in different ways according to the environment and it has been developed for various purposes. Considering this fact, we can say that paper itself can be already considered  as an object including our human story in itself.  She unravels the story and superimpose it with "now" by tracing the paper structure and process, and questioning its origins.

July 2023

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