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Tomomi Hanzawa "Note"

2020年10月2日(金)− 22日(木)


2020.10.2 fri.-22 thu.


この度、MARUEIDO JAPANでは半澤友美「Note」を開催いたします。半澤友美は、紙の成り立ちに着目し独自の造形作品を創り出しています。植物繊維の絡まりからなる紙は、その原料を幾重にも重ねると強固な物体となります。半澤は日本の紙漉(かみすき)の技法を応用し立体作品を制作してきました。半澤は紙と自己に向き合い続け、その都度自己を顧みる記録として、まるでノートを取るかのように制作を続けています。今展覧会タイトルにもなった「Note」のシリーズは、金網に幾重にも紙の繊維を絡ませ積み重ねられた作品です。金網の人を寄せつけない金属的な強さと、紙の柔らかさを同時に併せ持っています。時間と記録が集積された作品たちは、会場で佇み現代の碑のように見た者に何かを問い掛けて来ます。

MARUEIDO JAPAN is pleased to announce that it will hold an exhibition by Tomomi Hanzawa called Note. Tomomi Hanzawa creates unique sculptural art which is focused on the origins of paper. She uses the raw materials for paper, which is made from the pulp of plant fibers, and takes that pulp to build up layers to create a solid object. Hanzawa creates three dimensional works by applying Japanese paper making techniques. Last year, in the atrium gallery of the Pola Museum of Art in Hakone, her ambitious installation “The Histories of the Self” featured an eye-catching exhibition collection of hundreds of artworks focused on one subject. As could be seen at that exhibition, Hanzawa continues to confront both paper and herself, and she is pursuing the creation of art like a form of note-taking to record her own reflections at all times.Her “Note” series, which also the title of this exhibition, are artworks that consist of paper pulp layered on metal meshes. These artworks simultaneously unite the metallic strength of metal meshes which have characteristics that repel people, and the softness of paper.They are artworks which integrate time and records, and that ask questions of the viewer standing in the exhibition space, and who are looking at the art as if it is a modern monument. We would be delighted if you could take this opportunity to visit our gallery, and experience the work of a very unique artist.


Note 内呂博之(ポーラ 美術館学芸員)

Hiroyuki Uchiro (Curator, Pola Museum of Art)

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