White Atmosphere


I made thick Japanese paper and made shapes using metal wire before moisture went out. The fiber moves naturally until it dries. Places where metal does not hit are sunk by gravity and moisture can flow form. This work is a powerful solid with texture and light that appeared naturally.
Paper was born from a relationship(Japan's idea focusing on harmony with nature and the world) between nature and people.
I can recognize this thing by this process. This is a work that felt the relationship between nature and people and produced it.




White Atmosphere


Tomomi Hanzawa Solo Exhibition

White Atmosphere

Gallery Promo-arte/Tokyo



White AtmosphereⅡ  2013/手漉き和紙、胡粉/h240cm
White AtmosphereⅡ  2013/Handmade Japanese paper,Gofun(Chalk)/h240cm



White Atmosphere  2013/手漉き和紙、胡粉、雲母/h30cm×w230cm×d230cm

White Atmosphere  2013/Handmade Japanese Paper,Gofun(Chalk),Mica/h30cm×w230cm×d230cm


in light  2012/手漉き和紙、胡粉/h230cm
第76回新制作展 新作家賞 受賞
in light  2013/Handmade Japanese paper,Gofun(Chalk)/h250cm
Shinseisaku Exhibition76th, New Artist Prize in the Space Design Section


雫  2013/手漉き和紙、胡粉、銀箔/h20cm×w15cm×d10cm
Drop  2013/Handmade Japanese paper,Gofun(Chalk),Silver foil/h20cm×w15cm×d10cm

Untitled  2013/アバカ紙、胡粉/h30cm×w30cm×d10cm
Untitled  2013/Abaca paepr,Gofun(Chalk)/h30cm×w30cm×d10cm

Untitled  2012/手漉き和紙、アバカ紙、針金/h90cm×w8cm×d6cm
Untitled  2012/Handmade Japanese paper,Abaca Paper,Wire/h90cm×w8cm×d6cm